Ganha um vale de €750 em compras

Ganha um vale de €750 em compras

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A TIMwe oferece aos seus clientes um vale de €750 em compras, o qual podem gastar principalmente em roupa para o Outono / Inverno.

TIM w.e is a Portuguese firm specialized in interactive marketing and sales through the digital and mobile channels that provides services to mobile operators, media groups, marketing & advertising agencies and end-costumers on a global scale.

Created in 2002, TIM w.e. begins its globalization process by going after the virgin yet high potential markets of Latin America.

In 2007, TIM w.e. starts leveraging its global distribution network and expertise in interactive marketing through mobile and digital channels and diversifies its business, namely by creating the mobile marketing agency (MKTM).

Since its foundation, TIM w.e. has experienced outstanding revenue growth, which has been supported by its organic growth and fast paced globalization.

Currently employing >300 people worldwide, TIM w.e. operates in more than 60 countries, through 26 local offices spread amongst the 4 major continents.

For 2010, many exciting challenges are expected, still maintaining the fast paced growth trend and with a clear spotlight on new businesses.

Para o ganhar, clique na imagem abaixo.


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